• Aim training guide for Apex Legends Pro


    EA has been working closely with Respawn Entertainment to bring the best AAA gaming experience to their fans. The team at EA made the decision to publish the game in the hopes that it would be a great success and generate a lot of interest. However, the development process was also a learning curve for them as well as the Respawn team. During the time of developing the game, the EA team had to make adjustments and changes based on the feedback received from Respawn. This guide will teach you all of the things that EA and Respawn learned while making Apex Legends.

    The aim of this guide is to teach you how to play Apex Legends at a very high level, so you can achieve the highest possible rank in the world’s most played online shooter. We also give you a list of settings to tweak to get a higher overall rating.


    For every hero, there is an ultimate that makes them special, and it can be a powerful tool in a match. In Apex Legends, every character has four main abilities at their disposal: Pulsefire, Charged, Primal Rage, and Charge Shot. Each ability provides a different bonus to the hero, depending on what position it’s used in. While these abilities help the heroes stay in the fight, it’s the speed, movement, and accuracy of shots that really make the difference.



    Practice is one of the best things you can do to improve your shooting game. It will make you faster at the right times and slow you down when you're playing badly. Just practice and practice and practice.


    Aiming is the process of hitting a target. It is the first step in the process of hitting anything. To aim, you need to know where you are aiming this could be improved by Aim training. Target shooting is a great way to hone your aim. You can practice shooting at anything you find. The target range is a great place to start.


    Your flicking hand is the only hand on your body that's completely under your control. It's also the hand that helps you aim. In order to improve your accuracy, you need to train your flicking to be accurate.


    This is a game of speed and accuracy. When you're sprinting, you need to be aware of where your target is going. You should be able to aim quickly and hit your target while moving at full speed.


    The more time a player spends in training mode, the higher their skill level will be. Aiming in Apex Legends for PC is extremely important, because this is what the game is built around. With tracking, it is possible to learn to keep your crosshair on the target, which is what aim training is all about. This means that your aim should be high time to kill. High time to kill means that your opponent will take a decent amount of time to go down. Therefore, the focus of your training should gravitate towards tracking, as this type of training is all about keeping your crosshair on the target.

    This is one of the most important things you can do to improve your shooting. In order to achieve this you need to practice shooting with a consistent routine. You may want to set aside time each day to practice your shooting. Whether you spend an hour or half an hour each day is up to you, but you should commit yourself to practicing at least once a week.